Best Hikes in the Faroe Islands

buy phenergan tablets “No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”

– David Attenborough

Growing up in the Himalayan Mountains in a small valley known as Rishikesh in India, I have always been in love with mountains and I feel they can take anyone’s breath away.

I am a tough cookie, so it is not very easy to impress me, but it does not mean I don’t appreciate my surroundings or the hard work that has been invested in it. However, in order to make me feel WOW about a certain place, it should be astonishing.

Currently, Faroe Islands have done the trick quite well.

Faroe Islands are an archipelago between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic, about halfway between Norway and Iceland, 320 kilometers north-northwest of Scotland.(61.8926° N, 6.9118° W)

It is ethereal and immaculate. You probably may not have seen anything as pristine as this. The catch here is that you need to be at your fittest to be able to make the most out of your trip.

To reach and witness every viewpoint, you will have to hike, climb or at least walk for a minimum of an hour. It is only then that you will be able to experience the beauty of the Faroe Islands in all its glory.

It truly is another one of those “­­Heaven on Earth” places, undoubtedly meant for nature, hiking lovers and landscapes photographers.

Therefore, I am going to mention the best hikes in the Faroe Islands which you should consider doing. There are more than 25-30 hikes in these archipelagos and all provide you with the best views possible but, these are the best ones according to me which serve your soul purpose. I hiked 6 of them, lets see how many you can conquer. :p

Let’s begin!

  • Slaettaratindur
  • Mykinesholmur
  • Midvagur Bosdalafossur
  • Villingardalsfjall
  • Gásadalsbrekkan or Bøur Gásadalur
  • Eggjarklettur, Høgoyggj or Nólsoy Borðan
  • Kolfjarðardalur Leynar
  • Hvannhagii
  • Tórshavn to Kirkjubøur
  • Saksun TjørnuvÍk
  • Sandur SøltuvÍk

Fact: All the hikes on these islands are free except the one at Mykines Island which is for 100 Kr ($15-20 or 12-15 BP or around 15 Euros). According to me you need not hire a tour guide, but that is always an option. There are many local tour operators who would love to take you around their homeland. What I am trying to say is that this country gives you all the freedom to do what you want. Obviously, there are some limitations. *sly grin*

  • Slaettaratindur (Difficulty: Average | 4 hours return | Kind of Children Friendly | 5 kilometers)

Standing at 880m, this is country’s highest mountain. You will come across a parking area on your left when you will be coming from Eidi. At first you can start to walk towards the mountain from any possible and visible way till the time you reach the altitude of 500-600 meters or say after walking for about 35-45 minutes. At this point the actual hikes starts where you now must follow a particular route. From the moment you start to see Haldorsvik, that’s when you would know your hike has just begun.


  • Mykinesholmur (Difficulty: Average | 4 hours return | Children Friendly but difficult at some stages | 9 kilometers)

Nowhere in the Faroe Islands you can experience Puffins as closely as you do here. It is very common to see them fly near you or it might also be possible that they are standing right beside you. I believe they are such pretty birds with such a cute face!!! I totally love them!! They seem like the tiniest creatures who are so friendly. You will always see them with their daily diet.


A lot of them to be precise. They will always have a one or two or even more in their mouth all the time.

Follow the village sign towards Mykinesholmur as soon as you get off the ferry in the Mykines Island. The path that goes up to the lighthouse is the easiest one to follow. You just have to walk on the travelled path without disturbing the flora and fauna of the island.



  • Midvagur Bosdalafossur (Difficulty: Very Easy | 2 hours Return | Children Friendly | 8 kilometers)

I often refer it to as the LAKE ABOVE THE OCEAN. It is one of those famous photos you must have seen before coming to the Faroe Islands. After driving 5-6 kilometers from the airport towards the smallest capital of the world, Tórshavn, you will notice the lake Sorvagsvaten which is technically just beside the airport’s runway.

The hiking route is clearly visible from the works of previous hikers. It is a 120 minutes return hike to the peak which is famous among the travelers as, ‘LAKE-ABOVE-THE-OCEAN‘ point. Reach the top and get those cameras rolling and shooting.


  • Villingardalsfjall (Difficulty: Difficult | 4 hours return | Not Children Friendly | 5-6 kilometers)

According to many, it is the most difficult hike on the islands. The reason being many loose stones and its steep angle. It is not suitable for children.

As it is a hike on the Faroe Islands, you basically start from anywhere and end up anywhere because there are no specific rules regarding hiking except for the fact that you don’t disturb the flora and fauna on the islands. In this hike (due to its difficulty factor), you will be guided through every single step you take. For example, there are blue pipes on the way which will show you the path towards the top. If you follow those pipes, as far as I know, you will not face a single problem.


  • Gásadalsbrekkan (Difficulty: Average | 5 hours return | Not Children Friendly | 4 kilometers)

You now have two hiking routes to choose from. You have the option to either hike over the Arnafjall Mountain which is in Gásadalur. The route starts in the valley about three kilometres west of the village of Bøur. The path begins about one kilometer south (or left) of the tunnel entrance. You can see the path, which meanders up the Gásadalsbrekkan.


  • Eggjarklettur, Høgoyggj (Difficulty: Average | 5 hours return | Children Friendly | 12 kilometers)

The hike is moderate difficulty. You can complete the hike, grab a snack at a local snack shop and catch the return ferry to Tórshavn at 4:50 pm. In the island of Nólsoy this is the only hike possible to see the historical lighthouse. It offers a great view from up there.


  • Kolfjarðardalur Leynar (Difficulty: Fairly Easy | 2 hours Return | Children Friendly | 2.5 – 3.5 Kilometers)


  • Hvannhagii (Difficulty: Average | 3 hours | Children Friendly | 9 kilometers)


  • Tórshavn – Kirkjubøur (Difficulty: Fairly Easy | 4 – 5 Hours | Children Friendly | 8 kilometers)


  • Saksun TjørnuvÍk (Difficulty: Kind of difficult | 5 hours | Children Friendly | 6 kilometers)


  • Sandur SøltuvÍk (Difficulty: Fairly Easy | 4 Hours | Children Friendly | 8 kilometers)
Góðan dag(in). (go-wan dya-(in))
Good Day!

Vestmannaeyjar (Vestmann Islands) – Pompeii of the North

“To Move, To Breathe, To Fly, To Float. To gain all while you give. To roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live”

–       Hans Christian Andersen

Vestmannaeyjar Islands is a small bunch of islands on the south coast of Iceland. Elliðaey is the northernmost of them. These are basically islands which are formed by various eruptions in the last 10000 to 15000 years. This statistic is pretty new in terms of the formation of the mainland Iceland. The Vestmannaeyjar Islands Area consists atleast 50 volcanoes around it below and above the sea.

Probably, the tallest peak on the island.

I know I keep mentioning Elliðaey,  but, I just can’t help it. Its such a pretty island. Visiting Elliðaey was the most peaceful thing happened to me till now and I just can’t get over it EVER! Stepping onto the loneliest island on the planet was truly a ‘Dream Come True’.

Click here to read about the loneliest house in the world. 

To reach Vestmannaeyjar Islands, you will either have to take a ferry from Landeyjahöfn which is about 2 hours (90 Miles) away from the capital, Reykjavik. You can also  board the ferry from Þorlákshöfn(Harbour used during bad weather conditions). The ferry ride time from Landeyjahöfn is about 30-35 minutes and from Þorlákshöfn is about 2.5 – 3 hours.


Tickets can be purchased at Herjó or It will cost around 30$ return trip for one person which I feel is kind of costly because many localites come to and fro from Vestmannaeyjar Islands to South Iceland and paying this amount everyday is kind of a drag. But, truth to be told, its totally worth it. Flying with Eagle Air could also be an option, but I don’t think its really necessary, it will definitely cross your budget.

Even though. There is this one advantage that you will get to see the Vestmfromannaeyjar Islands from above which is a great sight.

1 of the 6 islands with a single cabin

FACT: There are 6 islands (In Total: 15 Islands) among the Vestmannaeyjar Islands  with single cabins built on them. Basically, every one of them is kind of “The Loneliest House on Planet” which is undoubtedly a great caption for your Instagram Post. 😛 Visit any one of them and you may experience the best time of your life.

Click here to read about the “Loneliest House in the World.”

Vestmannaeyjar Islands are so beautiful that at some specific points on these islands, you will feel that how can something this pretty exist in the real world. A fantasyland is what I may call it.

It is a kind of place where you can enjoy the peaceful time GOD has given to you. Just understand that you only have nature to adore here, and if I am honest, that is all I need.

FACT: The eruption that technically built these islands were not any normal eruptions. These were one of the biggest and longest eruptions in the history of Iceland. The eruption in 1963 lasted for 4 freaking years!! This lead to the formation of Surtsey, (the southernmost island of the group)If you think, Kilauea, Hawaii was a long eruption (3 months), then think about this. Even the second longest eruption here took lasted for about 155 days.


The place you must visit while you are in Vestmannaeyjar Islands is Stórhöfði.

This is recorded to be the windiest place in Iceland and I definitely believe it.

It is also considered to be a great spot to watch Puffin birds and Whale Watchimng (from the islands itself with the help of binoculars). When you walk from the dead end of the road where the parking lot is, you will find a small gate. Cross that gate and go where the path takes you.

Go till the end of the path, Stand there.

Observe the islands, the birds and the plants around you.

Inhale the silence these islands provide.

Spend as much time as possible.

Because this is probably the only time in your life (which I hope is not) when you will get the chance to listen to the waves around you in such bold silence.

This is the beauty of Iceland.

So, as you might have already understood, one day is enough to experience the beauty of Vestmannaeyjar Islands. I would recommend taking the earliest ferry at 09:45 and return back with the latest one at 22:00,

And guess what? It will all be in daylight in SUMMERS!!!!

Unless, you want to visit every one of those 15 islands which I highly doubt because that requires a lot of time. I clearly have this audacity to do this. There is a person I know, a friend who has done this. He is the one who took me to Elliðaey and I cannot thank him enough.

Contact me via my social media platforms incase you want to visit or leave a comment somewhere. You will get the required details.

He is a great guy and he is doing great work to increase the access to these islands for the tourists with the help of cliff rappelling.

He is so much taller than my brother in law!!

There is a place near/around the islands ,it is known as Sprangan there. He hosts tours around this area quite often.  I will be posting about his plans in the future, do check it out. He is undoubtedly the best person if you want to make the best out of your Vestmannaeyjar trip. Contact me if you need his info.

Thats me getting ready for the climb of my life

You can also hike up to the Volcano or Heimaklettur (which is the highest peak in Vestmannaeyjar) or take a boat tour around the islands. There is a Natural History Museum you can go to and Eldheimar Museum which will tell you about the Volcanic History of the islands.

I hope you get to visit the Vestmannaeyjar as soon as possible because once you do, there is not enough energy in this world that can prevent you from loving it.

Happy Travel!
Þú varst falleg Vestmannaeyjar

The Loneliest House In The World, Elliðaey

“Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Little place right on the

Pacific. You know what the Mexicans say about the Pacific? They say it has no memory. That’s where I’d like to finish out my life, Red. A warm place with no memory. Open a little hotel right on the beach. Buy some worthless old boat and fix it up like new. Take my guests out charter fishing.”

-Andy, The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Elliðaey – The one & only…

When was the last time you felt as peaceful as Andy did at the end of “The Shawshank Redemption”? I bet you have never felt that way. Well, I did. Not because I ran away from prison but, because I could hear the waves which were kilometers away from me, so clearly, that my mind could think of nothing else but, peace. Yes, that’s EXACTLY how I felt. Only if I had the guts to dive down from those tall cliffs of the island into the North Atlantic Ocean, I would have.

Elliðaey is the northernmost of the Vestmannaeyjar Islands in the South Iceland. It’s the first island you see while going on a ferry to the Vestmannaeyjar Islands from Landeyjahöfn (South Iceland port).

Click here to read my blog on the Vestmannaeyjar Islands

Probably, the tallest peak on the island.

Today, I am gonna tell you about Elliðaey, where lies the loneliest house in the world. There is not much information about this island on the internet. Some say that it belongs to an Icelandic singer, some say it’s a haunted house and some say it belongs to the government. None of it is true.

The house shown above, on the island Elliðaey belongs to the Elliðaey Hunting Association. Now, this hunting association does not exist since Puffin hunting was made illegal in South Iceland in the year, 2008. Since then, only on some selected days of the year, it is allowed to hunt Puffin on this island.

Me(Left), My brother in law, Our Angel :p (Right)

Nowadays, the house is locked even though it is all clean and well maintained on the inside. It’s a great house in my opinion.

Elliðaey is basically an island made of rocks and lava. No one is sure whether it came blowing off from another island or a volcano during an eruption and got settled here or the island itself was a volcano and threw parts out of it and created other islands in Vestmannaeyjar Islands.

You can read about Vestmannaeyjar Islands here

I was there with my brother in law and we were scared as hell about the weather being so horrible that day, and we would have to cancel the entire plan and return with disappointment. Although, God was on our side (He always is) and He provided us the finest of the Icelandic weather there is to offer. A clear sunny day. Well, clear and sunny 4 hours, but yeah, it was worth it. Fell in love with it instantly.

I am the guy with the beard.

Now, I have heard and read many strange stories that it is illegal to go on to this island and you can be thrown into prison for attempting to do so. It is all false. I mean, obviously you wouldn’t want to go there all by yourself because it is too risky since it does not have a proper harbor to dock your boat and neither does it have a proper route.

You must sort of jump a little and climb a little and walk (walk cautiously) a little in order to get to the island. Or, in other words, experience the most peaceful time of your life.

Elliðaey was special for me. Not because its one of those places which is hardly touched by humans (Although, it’s a cool reason), but because, the moment I saw the picture of this island on the internet, I knew I had to go there in any possible way.

I literally had to pull some strings, mind it, INTERNATIONALLY to go to this island. I talked to many people from Iceland who made it clear that you will find no one who can take you to Elliðaey  but I was adamant on going there even if I had to do it myself.

Luckily, I found someone who could officially take me to the island and tell me great mysterious facts about it too. He also took me for hiking and rock climbing on this island as well as various other islands among the Vestmannaeyjar Islands.

I will have to ask him to mention his name here, but, if you ever wish to visit any of the Vestmannaeyjar Islands, you can contact me through any of my social media platforms and I will personally guide you how to do so.

Also, I have this audacity to do things which people don’t normally do or to go to places where people don’t normally go to. Its just my thing. So, the day I stepped onto this island, I felt so complete. Like, I could literally hear myself breathing. It was so quiet up there.

Gosh, I feel like going there right now. If you ever go there, promise me that apart from spending time on your phone ,cameras and drones and action cameras, you will give yourself at least 60 minutes to just stand up on the tallest cliff and just listen.

Listen to the waves hitting the rocks, listen to the Piglike grunt of the Puffin birds, listen to the “baa” “baa” of the sheep and listen to your mind talking to itself that how beautiful is this gigantic world where there is so much to see and learn and do. Do this and you will thank me forever.
Þakka þér fyrir Ísland!

Driving from Naples to Sorrento

“Italy, and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy”

– Bertrand Russell

Driving for Road-Trippers is never tiring. Its their love. Its their passion. Its their life. Amalfi Coast is the ultimate dream for every road lover. Starting from Naples, this one and only driving experience is going to take your breath away. Hop into my car from Naples to Sorrento to experience the Majestic Amalfi Coast.




The trip begins from the Pizza Capital of the world, Napoli. Once, a transportation hub of Italy, is filled with various ruins from the Roman Era, authentic food and UNESCO listed streets! But, this not-so-beautiful city will probably be your car pickup point, so this is the best place to start your journey along the world-famous Amalfi Coast.

In Napoli, Your biggest priority should be to try the Pizza.

It’s so scrumptious.

The most Pizzacious area in Napoli
The reason behind delicious PIZZAS in Italy

The city is clustered with ancient churches, authentic pizzerias and Neapolitan street life. One side of the city is so clustered and touched with old city life experiences and the other side (near to the coast) opens to all the poetic vibes inside of you.

Pompeii Erotica Room experience could prove to be a good start for your road trip.



Easier to reach than Pompeii, this city of ruins is your second stop. The city that was drowned in mud is surprisingly well preserved. Casa d’Argo is one stop you can make which will show you how a noble Roman family’s house looked like back then. Casa dei Cervi shows you the villa type of the same.

Mt Vesuvius:

Mt. Vesuvius

While driving towards Mt. Vesuvius, make sure you stop at Museo dell’ Osservatorio Vesuviano, a museum which closely shares with you, the 2100 years old history of the constantly monitored volcano. It serves as the oldest volcanic observatory in the world.

Mount Vesuvius is located in the Gulf of Naples, Italy. This bus-accessible mountain, standing at a height of 1281 meters, having blown its cap more than 25 times, is the reason of the Pompeii disaster. Still being one of the deadliest active volcanos in the world, claimed 2000 innocent lives in the ancient God’s Act. The Pompeii eruption converted it into a double peaked structure.

Mt. Vesuvius in the background

The peak of Vesuvius also offers a great panoramic sight of Napoli. You can either hike up to the mountain’s peak or take a horse-back ride up to the top.

The end of the road is the summit car park as well as the ticket counter. This is the point where you start walking/hiking. It is mostly windy and cold/chilly at the top so carrying one jacket wouldn’t hurt. Remember, the path is shut during bad weather conditions.



Heading back from the same road from where you came up for fairly 20-30 kilometers and then heading towards Oplontis & Boscoreale via A3 Highway will take you to Pompeii via these amazing optional one-stoppers.

Pompeii Ruins

The great volcanic forces that reside deep below the city of Pompeii attracts more than 2 million tourists every year to investigate the remains of what was the commercial center of Italy hundreds of years ago. The ruins of Pompeii need a lot of time and dedication.

It is one of the world’s most enthralling archeological experiences. Pompeii was not just blown away by Mt. Vesuvius but buried under volcanic rocks. Till date, you can witness the preserved city of Pompeii with its strong foundations, buildings and brothels from the Roman Era.

Roman Theatre in Pompeii

4 to 5 hours is what you can dedicate to these ruins. There are buildings and important temples inside these ruins which date back to the 2nd Century B.C. An audio guide would be a clever investment (<10$).

I will be writing a separate blog on Pompeii so you can read that (in the future) for a better experience in Pompeii.


The island Capri as seen rom Sorrento

Making an optional fast stop at Castelllammare which was once a holidaying hub for once-upon-a-time rich Romans, you can start driving towards Sorrento.

I would call Sorrento, the Base of Amalfi Coast. It serves as the perfect place to explore the Northern and Southern coasts. The best of peninsula’s untouched countryside is to the East Coast, to the North- Pizza Capital and offshore is the island of Capri.


If you want to stay anywhere in Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is undoubtedly the best choice. From Marina Grande to Duomo to Valley of Mills, Sorrento has it all. Sorrento is also famous for teaching the art of making your own Gelato, the world-famous ice-cream, and also other Italian specialties. Home to a ‘ lemon-liquor ’ type of drink called ‘ limoncello ’. Also, it is the best port to get to Capri Island. That’s another universe I must tell you. I will be writing about it in the near future, stay tuned!

Vai ad Amalfi !

Skógafoss – The Mighty Waterfall

“I love places that make you realize how tiny you are”

–          David Attenborough

Aerial View of the waterfall

This mighty waterfall is located around 150 kilometres (90 miles) from the capital, Reykjavik. It is part of the famous Golden Circle route. It left my jaw on the floor when I got there. All of a sudden, everything turned magical for me.

A slight de-route from the Golden Circle can take you to Vestmannaeyjar which is one of the best places to visit in South Iceland, an archipelago.

Click here to read about Vestmannaeyjar

View after hiking up the fall

It was the month of August in 2018; the perfect month to visit Iceland and fulfil my dream of visiting Iceland. There was not the slightest doubt in my mind while making this waterfall one of my biggest priorities in Iceland. Obviously, after the loneliest house in the world. Click here to read about that.

My God!
I was just blown away!!
Look how happy I am!

Skogafoss Selfie

FUNFACT: You can identify this waterfall from the sets of two movies- Thor: The Dark World & The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

As you all know, I was born in a small valley, Rishikesh, which lies in the footsteps of Himalayas. It’s not rocket science as to why I have always had a thing for Nature: her mountains, rivers and lakes. This waterfall had a place in my heart even before i lay eyes on it

My mother, posing as always

“ When I saw it for the first time,

flowing down that misty river,

I was stunned! “

It bore an eerie resemblance to a scene from the Batman movie where there was a cave behind the waterfall with a Batmobile waiting for me to drive. This brings me to tell you a fact about it.

My mom posing with the waterfall

FUNFACT: Legend has it that there is a cave behind the waterfall with treasure hidden inside by a settler named Prasi. Apparently, the cave has been blocked by boulders which fell due to natural calamities. Someone found a ring which was supposed to be a part of the treasure. It was sent to the local church and that original ring is now showcased in the Skógar Museum nearby. True Story

Skogafoss as seen from the road. Pretty huge isn't it?

Skógafoss is a site not to be missed in Iceland. Some might say that it is just an ordinary waterfall that you can skip in Iceland. I would wholeheartedly disagree with them. I think Skógafoss has the best setting around it.

•Best for camping.
•Parking an RV and inspiring the majestic view.
•For a small hike up the waterfall for amazing views.
•For having the best LAMB SHANK in Iceland in Hotel Skógafoss Bistro Bar.
‘Es ist Lecker’
This is what our time-pass was, when we didn't have mobile phones

The photo above teaches us a lot. You can see at the back how everyone is busy clicking photographs (including me) and very few are actually experiencing the water coming down. That sound, that mist. But, then you see him playing with the rocks. This is called ‘Enjoying’ my friends. This is it! I am not saying do not click pictures or don’t snap and all. But, do take out time for moments like these when you can seize the opportunity to witness something this beautiful. #JustAThought

The hike up the hill is kind of like climbing up-stairs; just that there are many steps. Nonetheless, the view from above is to die for. Plus, in my opinion, the world always seems more beautiful from above. Be it Paris, Sydney or Reykjavik, it all looks better from a higher vantage point. You can also check out the river flowing at the top of Skógafoss.

There is another place in Iceland where you can experience the most peaceful time of your life. Click here to read about the loneliest house in the world. 

It looks tiny in the pictures but it is a very gigantic waterfall.

An eye-catching feature of the waterfall is that it can give rise to three rainbows at once. HOW? Let me tell you (attempt to tell you) how that happens. The amount of water that comes flowing down is so much that it produces a lot of mist which can produce at least two rainbows at once. The sight is not to be missed, I swear. I saw two of them and I know MANY people who witnessed three rainbows.

Iceland has over 2000 waterfalls but this one is truly special

We (My brother and I) tried to go deep into the fall, as near as we could; in the process, getting soaked to the skin.

30 meters near to the waterfall and you start getting drenched
What a View!
This is the best shot you can take with a zoom lens

Njóttu Íslands !

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