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Vestmannaeyjar Islands is a small bunch of islands on the south coast of Iceland. Elliðaey is the northernmost of them. These are basically islands which are formed by various eruptions in the last 10000 to 15000 years. This statistic is pretty new in terms of the formation of the mainland Iceland. The Vestmannaeyjar Islands Area consists atleast 50 volcanoes around it below and above the sea.

Probably, the tallest peak on the island.

I know I keep mentioning Elliðaey,  but, I just can’t help it. Its such a pretty island. Visiting Elliðaey was the most peaceful thing happened to me till now and I just can’t get over it EVER! Stepping onto the loneliest island on the planet was truly a ‘Dream Come True’.

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To reach Vestmannaeyjar Islands, you will either have to take a ferry from Landeyjahöfn which is about 2 hours (90 Miles) away from the capital, Reykjavik. You can also  board the ferry from Þorlákshöfn(Harbour used during bad weather conditions). The ferry ride time from Landeyjahöfn is about 30-35 minutes and from Þorlákshöfn is about 2.5 – 3 hours.


Tickets can be purchased at Herjó or It will cost around 30$ return trip for one person which I feel is kind of costly because many localites come to and fro from Vestmannaeyjar Islands to South Iceland and paying this amount everyday is kind of a drag. But, truth to be told, its totally worth it. Flying with Eagle Air could also be an option, but I don’t think its really necessary, it will definitely cross your budget.

Even though. There is this one advantage that you will get to see the Vestmfromannaeyjar Islands from above which is a great sight.

1 of the 6 islands with a single cabin

FACT: There are 6 islands (In Total: 15 Islands) among the Vestmannaeyjar Islands  with single cabins built on them. Basically, every one of them is kind of “The Loneliest House on Planet” which is undoubtedly a great caption for your Instagram Post. 😛 Visit any one of them and you may experience the best time of your life.

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Vestmannaeyjar Islands are so beautiful that at some specific points on these islands, you will feel that how can something this pretty exist in the real world. A fantasyland is what I may call it.

It is a kind of place where you can enjoy the peaceful time GOD has given to you. Just understand that you only have nature to adore here, and if I am honest, that is all I need.

FACT: The eruption that technically built these islands were not any normal eruptions. These were one of the biggest and longest eruptions in the history of Iceland. The eruption in 1963 lasted for 4 freaking years!! This lead to the formation of Surtsey, (the southernmost island of the group)If you think, Kilauea, Hawaii was a long eruption (3 months), then think about this. Even the second longest eruption here took lasted for about 155 days.


The place you must visit while you are in Vestmannaeyjar Islands is Stórhöfði.

This is recorded to be the windiest place in Iceland and I definitely believe it.

It is also considered to be a great spot to watch Puffin birds and Whale Watchimng (from the islands itself with the help of binoculars). When you walk from the dead end of the road where the parking lot is, you will find a small gate. Cross that gate and go where the path takes you.

Go till the end of the path, Stand there.

Observe the islands, the birds and the plants around you.

Inhale the silence these islands provide.

Spend as much time as possible.

Because this is probably the only time in your life (which I hope is not) when you will get the chance to listen to the waves around you in such bold silence.

This is the beauty of Iceland.

So, as you might have already understood, one day is enough to experience the beauty of Vestmannaeyjar Islands. I would recommend taking the earliest ferry at 09:45 and return back with the latest one at 22:00,

And guess what? It will all be in daylight in SUMMERS!!!!

Unless, you want to visit every one of those 15 islands which I highly doubt because that requires a lot of time. I clearly have this audacity to do this. There is a person I know, a friend who has done this. He is the one who took me to Elliðaey and I cannot thank him enough.

Contact me via my social media platforms incase you want to visit or leave a comment somewhere. You will get the required details.

He is a great guy and he is doing great work to increase the access to these islands for the tourists with the help of cliff rappelling.

He is so much taller than my brother in law!!

There is a place near/around the islands ,it is known as Sprangan there. He hosts tours around this area quite often.  I will be posting about his plans in the future, do check it out. He is undoubtedly the best person if you want to make the best out of your Vestmannaeyjar trip. Contact me if you need his info.

Thats me getting ready for the climb of my life

You can also hike up to the Volcano or Heimaklettur (which is the highest peak in Vestmannaeyjar) or take a boat tour around the islands. There is a Natural History Museum you can go to and Eldheimar Museum which will tell you about the Volcanic History of the islands.

I hope you get to visit the Vestmannaeyjar as soon as possible because once you do, there is not enough energy in this world that can prevent you from loving it.

Happy Travel!
Þú varst falleg Vestmannaeyjar
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