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Aerial View of the waterfall

This mighty waterfall is located around 150 kilometres (90 miles) from the capital, Reykjavik. It is part of the famous Golden Circle route. It left my jaw on the floor when I got there. All of a sudden, everything turned magical for me.

A slight de-route from the Golden Circle can take you to Vestmannaeyjar which is one of the best places to visit in South Iceland, an archipelago.

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View after hiking up the fall

It was the month of August in 2018; the perfect month to visit Iceland and fulfil my dream of visiting Iceland. There was not the slightest doubt in my mind while making this waterfall one of my biggest priorities in Iceland. Obviously, after the loneliest house in the world. Click here to read about that.

My God!
I was just blown away!!
Look how happy I am!

Skogafoss Selfie

FUNFACT: You can identify this waterfall from the sets of two movies- Thor: The Dark World & The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

As you all know, I was born in a small valley, Rishikesh, which lies in the footsteps of Himalayas. It’s not rocket science as to why I have always had a thing for Nature: her mountains, rivers and lakes. This waterfall had a place in my heart even before i lay eyes on it

My mother, posing as always

“ When I saw it for the first time,

flowing down that misty river,

I was stunned! “

It bore an eerie resemblance to a scene from the Batman movie where there was a cave behind the waterfall with a Batmobile waiting for me to drive. This brings me to tell you a fact about it.

My mom posing with the waterfall

FUNFACT: Legend has it that there is a cave behind the waterfall with treasure hidden inside by a settler named Prasi. Apparently, the cave has been blocked by boulders which fell due to natural calamities. Someone found a ring which was supposed to be a part of the treasure. It was sent to the local church and that original ring is now showcased in the Skógar Museum nearby. True Story

Skogafoss as seen from the road. Pretty huge isn't it?

Skógafoss is a site not to be missed in Iceland. Some might say that it is just an ordinary waterfall that you can skip in Iceland. I would wholeheartedly disagree with them. I think Skógafoss has the best setting around it.

•Best for camping.
•Parking an RV and inspiring the majestic view.
•For a small hike up the waterfall for amazing views.
•For having the best LAMB SHANK in Iceland in Hotel Skógafoss Bistro Bar.
‘Es ist Lecker’
This is what our time-pass was, when we didn't have mobile phones

The photo above teaches us a lot. You can see at the back how everyone is busy clicking photographs (including me) and very few are actually experiencing the water coming down. That sound, that mist. But, then you see him playing with the rocks. This is called ‘Enjoying’ my friends. This is it! I am not saying do not click pictures or don’t snap and all. But, do take out time for moments like these when you can seize the opportunity to witness something this beautiful. #JustAThought

The hike up the hill is kind of like climbing up-stairs; just that there are many steps. Nonetheless, the view from above is to die for. Plus, in my opinion, the world always seems more beautiful from above. Be it Paris, Sydney or Reykjavik, it all looks better from a higher vantage point. You can also check out the river flowing at the top of Skógafoss.

There is another place in Iceland where you can experience the most peaceful time of your life. Click here to read about the loneliest house in the world. 

It looks tiny in the pictures but it is a very gigantic waterfall.

An eye-catching feature of the waterfall is that it can give rise to three rainbows at once. HOW? Let me tell you (attempt to tell you) how that happens. The amount of water that comes flowing down is so much that it produces a lot of mist which can produce at least two rainbows at once. The sight is not to be missed, I swear. I saw two of them and I know MANY people who witnessed three rainbows.

Iceland has over 2000 waterfalls but this one is truly special

We (My brother and I) tried to go deep into the fall, as near as we could; in the process, getting soaked to the skin.

30 meters near to the waterfall and you start getting drenched
What a View!
This is the best shot you can take with a zoom lens

Njóttu Íslands !

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