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Whenever I am visiting a place, I am always confused between the places to see and places to skip because one cannot cover everything and you also have to do things according to your interests.

Therefore, you must prioritize your travel according to your needs and likings.

That is why, here in this blog, you can have a look at the places you should visit during your 2-3 days trip to Florence.

Starting with………..

Of course, there are many other things to see and do in Florence but in a short trip of 2-3 days, you gotta prioritize.

Read further and know what to do in Florence in 2 or 3 days.


Undoubtedly, one of the most visited spots in Florence is the Duomo Complex. Without visiting the entire list of things among the complex, your visit to Florence is incomplete.

The list consists of Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, The Dome, The Opera Museum, Giotto’s Bell Tower and The Crypt of Santa Reparata.


Therefore, there must be certain way to visit all the monuments efficiently. That’s what I am here for. Go ahead and read.

Brunelleschi’s Dome

The entire Duomo Complex can take a long time to complete. But, your goal here isn’t to complete it but to let it run inside your veins for weeks to come. To efficiently see all the monuments that are part of The Duomo Complex, CLICK HERE.


It’s not always “tall towers” or “large piazzos” that you must see. Sometimes, you also gotta take out time for something simple. Something old. Something that has been through a lot and something that has been mentioned by great people from the past in their books. Here, in Florence, that’s Ponte Vecchio

One of the most well-preserved bridges in Florence and Italy is a sight not to be missed. It was Adolf Hitler’s favorite thing to do in Florence. Just sit on its top floor and gaze at the Arno Lake. That’s what he did when Mussolini invited him to Italy. It is one of the important reasons why he spared this bridge during the attack on Florence in WWII.

The View, Hitler fell in love <3 with.

There are many shops, cafes and restaurants around the bridge which can keep a tourist busy for several hours. The area around it is also very lively with continuous live music and musical Merry-Go-Rounds. It’s a great experience.


River Arno with four bridges over it


Skyline of Florence has always been something Italy has always boasted about. I know its not a view of the Central Park of New York or skyscrapers of Hong Kong. But you don’t get to see these many cute red houses with a big red dome at the center either in New York or Hong Kong.

A Tower Viewer placed there gives you a nice view overall. Of course, only if it is working (because 90% of it doesn't work around the Globe). 😀

Therefore, I strongly feel that this fascinating view of the city from Michelangelo Square is surely gonna change your idea about what a skyline should look like and trust me, it’s as beautiful as any other skyline in the world.

Another View

Also, it is the best way to end your trip in Florence. You would want that view to be the last thing you remember about Florence.



There are many day trips which you can take from Florence. But, a day trip to The Wonder of the World should undoubtedly be on top of your list.

To know other day trips from Florence, CLICK HERE!

Pisa is just 1 hour away from Florence by road or by rail.  I would suggest you go early in the afternoon in order to witness the Sunset at The Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is a sight not to be missed. The image above shows the ‘no filter’ image I click from my phone at sunset. 

View from the Tower

Visit the Cathedral, The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Monumental Cemetery.

Do take your own time to climb the Tower as it can be little tiring and claustrophobic for few people.

View from the Tower

Witnessing the sunset there is a GREAT option as the White stone of the Tower turns orange as soon as the sun starts to set. It is a site not to be missed.


Montalcino (2 hours or 120 kms from Florence) is the place where you can get to taste the sampling of wines and some local delicacies.

The city has an astonishing village with a fortress which s a must-see place in the town. There is something in its scent that makes you want to stay here forever. Even though I don’t drink but that smell of wine is so attractive that it urges you to like the smell of it no matter what.

Val d’Orcia, Between Pienza & Montepulciano

Val d’Orcia (The Tuscany you have seen in literally every photo before coming to Italy) comes under Pienza (30 mins from Montalcino) and Montepulciano (further 20 mins from Pienza), one of the most important places representing Tuscany.

To know other day trips from Florence, Click Here.

Val d’Orcia

I hope this blog gave you an idea about what to do on a short visit to Florence and you must have also understood that do not make “SHORT” trips to Florence if you want to experience the real Tuscan breeze and beautiful atmosphere.

Goditi la Toscana!
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