organize We travel because distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But, something inside our minds has changed, and that changes everything.” – Jonah Lehrer

It is often heard, how people claim that one cannot see everything on our planet. I only have one question for them all: Have you even tried?! I concede that it is next to impossible to have explored all four corners of our big ’round’ world devote (Take that Flat Earth Society!) in one lifetime. Everyone has a bucket list which is essentially the list of places to visit and experience, visiting  search valtrex price Florence cancelled out one of many things on that list for me.

View from Michelanglo Square...

Growing up listening to the fact that log buy letrozole Florence was one of the most beautiful cities in the world; be it architecturally, culturally or historically. It is undoubtedly one of the most well-preserved cities of the world. Hence, the utmost beauty. buy generic viagra uk Brunelleschi’s Dome is the most iconic structure in Florence and one of the most in the world. The panoramic skyline of order phenergan online Florence is incomplete without The Great Dome.

FACT: Duomo Complex: It is the combination of Brunelleschi’s Dome, The Baptistry of San Giovanni, The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Giotto’s Campanile (Bell Tower) and The Crypt of Santa Reparata & Opera Museum.

If you really want to make the best out of your trip to the Duomo Complex, you must give 2 days to these 5 wonderful monuments. Just pay attention to these basic details that I have mentioned below after which you’ll be all set.

Click here to know more about how to “Conquer Dome within 2 days” here.

Cathedral, Bell Tower & Dome all in one frame…

The Dome, being a very famous landmark of Florence, is destined to be crowded. So, allotting 2 days for the complex is the best option to experience a hassle-free visit, bearing in mind these suggestions:

  • Wake up early
  • Book your ticket / tour in advance (20$ Entrance Ticket).
  • Know the opening and closing hours.
  • The Dress Code.

Follow these 4 things and you are good to go.

Wake up Early.

Like any other landmark destination in the world, this is bound to be chockablock with hundreds of tourists. If you wish to skip the crowd, be the early bird and catch your worm.

You can only get this kind of photo when you visit the Duomo Complex early in the morning.

Book your ticket/tour in advance.

Whether you choose the entrance ticket (around 20$) or a private tour (around 40$), do so in advance, You can book the tickets online or you can purchase in on-site.

The Dome

You can climb The Dome, too. It would serve you good purpose if you followed the steps written below.
The ticket to climb The Dome must be procured separately and a time slot must be pre-booked in order to skip the queues. You have to use your ticket to book the time slot at the ticket booth or online. It is quite commonplace to run into unavailable time slots during peak seasons.

A prudent suggestion: book your climb slot(s) as early as possible. My first time to Florence was just for 2 days and I was unable to go to the top. Imagine being in Florence for 2 whole days and not getting to climb The Dome. PATHETIC! I hope you don’t have to go through this upsetting experience. If you have pre-booked a private tour, you will anyway be skipping the queue. So YAY!



A Merry-Go-Round (The area near The Dome is very lively with great shops, cafes and live music)
You can have a splendid time here. Drink Cappuccino in the country which gave birth to it.
Live Music (This pair was so entertaining. They were playing music with tin, trays and normal wooden sticks. So talented, these two. Percussion has come a long way.)

FACT: The area around The Dome is very happening. Great shopping, various activities and such a happy atmosphere to experience. Enjoy the sheer bliss of roaming around The Dome and soak it all in.

Opening Hours

Each monument in the complex has variable timings which are subject to change in keeping with the weather and some other factors. Therefore, it’s better to check the website for latest timings.

Early morning is the best time to visit The Dome. You can take your own time to enjoy the serenity of the environment around The Dome. You can witness the Sun rays falling on the shiny white marble of The Dome. It makes for quite a sight to behold.

Now, just imagine what it would be like to stand on top of The Dome (with the least crowd possible) and take in the beautiful skyline of Florence. Take a look below to see how it appears from the top.

View of the Bell Tower from The Dome

NOTE: If a museum is supposed to close at 6, be there latest by 5 to be the last group to enter. Like any other monument of the entire world, the best time to go to The Dome is in the morning. “The Earlier, The Better”. THIS MUSEUM IS CLOSED ON FIRST TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH.

Dress Code

The dress code to be followed is very much like the one in Vatican City. Proper attire is one of the most important things to be kept in mind when visiting The Dome.

NO SKIRTS (Nothing above the knee)


NO TANK / SPAGHETTI TOPS (Carry a scarf otherwise)

Click here to know how to visit all the 5 monuments of the complex in the best possible way without leaving any stone unturned.

Cheers to these amazing 2 days of your life!

Ti auguro il meglio!

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